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Know a small snippet about our Live Fit First family. The below section will provide you a little knowledge about our mission, vision, team, & reputation. Live Fit, Stay Healthy.


Origin & Views

In Covid 19 situation, we all saw how people panic over the world to stay safe from the pandemic. This leads to a thought that if we practice living fit & healthy from now onwards, we can fight such pandemics in the future. Initially, we have started awarding people locally, where we got a great response. Then we thought about doing this mission globally and this leads to this website.

Our Mission: To promote and empower good health daily.
Our Vision: A truly inspired and empowered, fit life.

In Live Fit First, we focus on well-being through a personal lens focusing on a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and professional life.
Live fit first bridges the gap between lifestyle and medical websites by bringing reliable health information and resources as well as news, tips, and understanding of the most compelling words of the day, examples, and celebrities.

Our Qualified Chefs

Meet some of our qualified chefs around the world, who first test the recipes at our kitchen, makes sure that the recipes are safe, and helps you to get yummy, healthy, & safe recipes.

Chef’s Special Recipes

Healthy Recipes from all over the world, directly from our Chef’s kitchen.


Some of our testimonials are given below. Your message like this gives us the motivation to move forward.

You people are doing a great job in educating people about healthy living. Keep your good job going. The recipes you provide are also good & healthy. Looking forward to great success in the coming years.

Ethan Lucas
John Lucas

Happy to see a bunch of young professionals trying to educate people. Aside from this, your recipes are also very delicious, healthy, & well designed to meet my goals. Keep it up. All the best, for a successful future.

Moumita G
Moumita G

Very happy with your free diet plan. The diet plan has shown excellent results. I lost more than 10lbs in just 7days. Also, the recipes provided by the expert chefs are very delicious. Thanks a lot, Live Fit First team. Hoping for more from you guys.

Biswajit Ghosh
Biswajit Ghosh

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