What are the Best Methods of Weight Loss in 2021?

Quite surprisingly, the best methods of weight loss, scientifically revolve around only 3 factors. Isn't that seems easy? Read it & start your fitness run.

If you ask a dietitian about the best methods of weight loss, you are likely to get various answers. Unfortunately, as a result, people spend many hours online trying to find the best diet plan, a new exercise routine, or the most effective weight loss supplements. But often, pills or supplements are more expensive, food is more complex, and workouts are extremely stressful.

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So how do you find a weight loss solution that really works? Scientific research has shown very good ways to lose fast. In fact, researchers have found three factors that you need if you are looking to lose weight.

Best Methods of Weight Loss according to Scientific studies

Now, what is needed to lose weight? According to a major review of weight loss studies published in JAMA, obese people who combine these three factors are very effective in weight loss.

  • Commitment to physical activity, such as walking 20 to 25 minutes each day.
  • Getting professional support such as a doctor, registered nurse, or registered nutritionist.
  • Reduce food intake to about 500 calories per day.

When researchers looked at the results of various weight loss studies, they found that when people did one of the things on the list but not the other, they were less successful. And people who have done only two things have lost a little weight. People who have lost the most weight are those who combine all three factors: diet, exercise, and support. So according to the study, these are the best methods of weight loss, which you can use to achieve your weight loss dreams.

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    Best Methods for Weight Loss

    Perhaps the research results are not surprising. After all, the fact that we need less food and move more is not a piece of groundbreaking news. But there are a few exceptions to this study that can help if you are trying to lose weight.

    Take Support

    Do not underestimate the role that your doctor can play in your weight loss journey. Your doctor can help you understand how losing weight can improve your health. They can also provide support and referral to other professionals such as a registered dietitian who can help to make your weight loss journey easier or behavioral health professional to manage your eating disorders.

    The support you get from a registered doctor, nurse, or nutritionist can help you stay motivated and keep up with the latest challenges.

    Track Your Calories

    If you want to reach a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day as suggested by research, you need to track your diet, especially at the beginning of your plan. Otherwise, you will never know, that you are always reaching the target or not. And consistency is the key when you try to lose weight.

    So how do you calculate calories? Some people use a smartphone app, but others use a journal to plan meals and record calorie meals. You can use any method that suits best to you. Eventually, you can use a simpler alternative, such as portion control. But keeping track of calories at the beginning of your program may be helpful.

    Change Your Habits

    Remember, only a diet change can’t boost weight loss, but a lifestyle change can. If you change your eating habits a little bit, that’s fine. But you also need to change your daily routine to include enough weight loss workouts and you need to connect with others to deal with your emotional and behavioral changes.

    Stay Hydrated

    In addition to all the above factors, you must keep your body hydrated. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Water acts as an internal flushing gadget, which helps in getting rid of pointless wastes and toxins from our bodies.

    Lastly, you cannot expect major results if you make only minor changes. If you want to lose weight really, you need to tackle these three tasks. Record your daily calorie intake, measure your weekly performance, and regularly report to a health coach or other professional to achieve your weight loss goal and maintain weight.

    Words to Remember from the Live Fit First team

    If you are looking for the best way to lose weight, it can be tempting to use a program that looks new or fashionable. Many programs advertise that you can eat whatever you want and then lose weight. It can be true for some but might harm others. It’s better to stick to what your doctor suggests.

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    This study confirms – and most nutritionists agree – that a healthy, calorie-controlled diet, healthy & moderate exercise, and emotional support is the best method to lose weight and lose weight permanently. Work with your health care provider or dietitian to create a plan that you feel comfortable with so you feel confident about sticking to it for the rest of your life.

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