Is your diet nutritionally efficient? | What is a Body type Diet?

Get to know whether your diet nutritionally efficient or not. What is a Body type diet? its types, advantages, disadvantages, what to eat, etc.

Is your diet nutrition efficient? What is a body type diet? These are commonly asked questions among people seeking to follow a healthy diet or those who are interested in it. But before you get an answer to this question, you should know the answers to some other questions. If you know the answers to those questions, you can easily know your diet is nutrition efficient or not.

Firstly, just stand in front of a mirror & look into yourself. What do you see? Do you see the long, full limbs? Wide hips and small belly? A sports body, muscle? Knowing the category in which you fit in, can help you find a better diet and exercise program. Coming to this point later, firstly let’s discuss some questions which will help you to know your diet is nutritionally efficient or not.

Let’s discuss those important questions which will give you clues to your ultimate goal. So, let’s start.

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What are you eating?

The most primary thing is to know, what are you eating. This means, to know the amount of carbohydrate, fat, protein, etc you are taking every day. The amount of nutrient intake differs for different body types. You should have proper knowledge about which body type you belong to. If you are an obese person you are not likely to take the diet plan of a skinny person. If you are following that, then you are doing wrong.

So this leads to our next question, What is your body type? Let’s go & try to find out, which body type is yours.

What is your body type?

What is your body type?
Different Body Types

Now while discussing the body types, I will like to take reference from Stacey Colino (health journalist) & Phil Catudal’s (celebrity trainer) book, Just Your Type: The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Training Right for Your Body Type. So, let’s begin.

There are three main body types, Catudal said. Daily exercise, eating habits, and body changes in the form of pregnancy and menopause can affect your body type, so you may not see what is yours right away. Lifestyles could also change your body so that you can now become a hybrid.

If you are not sure where your body falls, one trace in the body’s natural state is what your body looked like when you were in your teens or your twenties, Catudal said. The following, here are directions, from your own type, to identify where you are falling:


Thin, long, and lanky. You have a small skeletal structure with shoulders that tend to be smaller than your hips. Over the years, you may have noticed that you are having trouble gaining weight. This type can usually carry a lot of carbohydrates.


It is very strong with muscles with an hourglass figure and a central frame.


It has a lot of body fat. Catudal claims that women with endomorphs can be called curvaceous, whereas males are called stocky. You usually carry weight on your abdomen, waist, and thighs. Endomorph may be more prone to insulin resistance, so it needs to look at its carbohydrate intake. Insulin resistance occurs when cells are unable to absorb glucose from your blood and your pancreas is compensated for by increasing insulin production, and it is a symptom of type 2 diabetes.

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“Many people abuse their body image,” says Catudal. His book includes questions that will help you determine if you fit into one of the three main types, above, or hybrid, described below.


This type of body is lean and muscular.


This means strength but the muscles are not well defined, like a football player.


A person who is “obese” naturally thin but overweight due to lack of exercise and poor nutrition.

What to eat, according to your body type?

What to eat, according to your body type?

Most recommended foods are whole, high in carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats, and are the same for each diet. What makes them so different are their macronutrient ratios, or other foods may be more suitable for certain body types. For example, endomorph probably won’t eat oatmeal because thinking that this type of body is better off eating fewer carbs. Instead, they prefer a protein-rich breakfast, such as eggs.

Sample Menus for Each Body Type

Find a sample menu for each of the three body types below:

Sample Ectomorph Diet

In terms of macronutrient depletion (carbs, protein, fat), Catudal recommends that ectomorphs eat up to 45-35-20 carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Carbohydrates compared to other foods.


Oatmeal with fruit and nuts


Protein shake


Variety of chopped vegetables, topped with chicken and vinaigrette

Evening Snack

Apple and almonds


Grilled shrimp with broccoli over quinoa

Sample Mesomorph Diet

The mesomorph will aim to divide its calories equally between macronutrients, Catudal said.


Toast with scrambled eggs


Protein bar and fruit


Veggies included with, chickpeas, & your favorite dressing

Evening Snacks

Vegetables and hummus


Chicken breast, fried vegetables, & sweet potatoes

Sample Endomorph Diet

The endomorph will need to adhere to the 20-40-40 calories split between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to break down body fat, Catudal said. Eat whole grains for lunch or dinner, depending on your exercise routine, you recommend.


Eggs and spinach


Protein bar


Roasted turkey with lettuce wraps


Vegetables and hummus


Chicken with zucchini noodles and quinoa

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Advantages of Body type diet

Advantages of Body type diet

•        Helps you determine the nutrient intake. It can also lead you to overeat that will, at best, be ineffective, and, worse, reverse. Ectomorphs, for example, are at the forefront of a very high carbohydrate system, so a very low-carb ketogenic diet can set them up for failure. It’s one reason why the latest diet isn’t guaranteed to give you the same results as your friend who tried the same program.

•        Gives reality check on your goals. Anyone can give his or her natural body shape a big change, depending on how much time and effort you want to put it in. You may be struggling with the defined abs now, but it may not be good for your body – and that’s fine. Despite the popular culture you may believe, there is no “perfect” diet, and improving your health is the key here.

•        Understand how to maximize your potential. Another advantage of your body type is that it can help you “understand how to increase your ability and not to be frustrated by your limitations,” says Marta Montenegro, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and specialist in fitness nutrition in Miami, USA. For example, endomorphs tend to have a harder time losing weight. Knowing this early can help you to put in the necessary work or change your diet (by reducing carbs), you say. Often there is a lot of frustration involved in losing weight, and knowing your body type can help set proper expectations.

Disadvantages of Body type diet

•        Not enough research data to prove its efficiency. Many experts do not agree that there is insufficient information to support diet. “There’s just no research out there on how to use your body type to describe how you eat,” said Melina Jampolis, MD, a board-certified training specialist and doctor in Village Village, California, USA. While it may indicate how easily you can lose weight (naturally ectomorphs and many muscle mesomorphs may have an easier time due to their healthy activity called insulin), she says.

Workout strategy Based on Your Specific Body Type

 In addition to food choices, your body type diet also enriches your body type and directs you to work out for yourself. One caveat, however: “This doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. These can be things you are good at, but we don’t want to stop people from doing the things they love,” Catudal said.

Ectomorph: You may find yourself prone to endurance sports, such as running, but adding resistance training (such as lifting weights or exercise) can help you build tones, stable muscles, and lower the risk of injury. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) works because it trains your anaerobic and aerobic cardio systems, as well as builds strength and muscle.

Mesomorph: You tend to build muscles easily, and sports that require rapid explosions of strength and energy (like soccer or hockey) tend to come easily. But it is also easier for you to hit the gym. Keep in mind that flexibility in your workout, exercising a variety of strength exercises (such as HIIT training, sprints, or kickboxing), and changing your exercise routine every few months can help you avoid those plains and keep you in good shape.

Endomorph: Adding HIIT exercise to your training routine and increasing strength and endurance is a great way to encourage more fat burning that continues even after your workout.

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Is Body type diet safe? Can I follow it?

If you are looking for a new way to approach a diet and exercise program, following a certain type of exercise can be a way to increase your body strength and correct any weaknesses. Experts across the board do not agree that scientific data supports the pursuit of this type of program. The bottom line is that it is safe, as it tends to focus on whole foods rich in nutrients, is balanced, and does not consume any single food group.

The Takeaway

So to know your diet is nutrition efficient or not, you should know your Body type. Once you can identify your body type then you can easily know that your diet is efficient or not. On the other hand, you can also adjust your diet according to your body type and can achieve your fitness goal. You can also go a step ahead in your fitness run by adding exercise to your daily plan.

Hoping that I have been able to provide you, the answer to your question to some extent. If you find the above content useful, make sure to comment to me & you can also give me suggestions so that I can make my blogs more valuable to you.

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